Haunted New Zealand

Haunted New Zealand is a dedicated team of experienced paranormal investigators, based in Auckland, NZ.

Visionpro produced the investigation videos for their 70,000 strong facebook page.

The team made news in the NZ Herald with this investigation. They were called out to investigate a house in Pukekohe, just South of Auckland. The team member Karen spoke to the NZ Herald”The team takes great care to rule out mundane explanations for any reported paranormal activity… checking for areas of high EMF, ensuring trees aren’t tapping on windows, animals aren’t residing in loft cavities etc…However, when people are living in fear we will always err on the side of caution, and thoroughly cleanse the property regardless. Paranormal investigation is not an exact science. It would be impossible for us to ‘prove’ a haunting was taking place… so this is not our gold standard for helping people.”


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